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[summary] SDCC 2017: Latest Clip For Marvel’s ‘The Defenders’ Is For The Birds [11 more posts]
[summary] George R.R. Martin Teases “A Westeros Book” in 2018 That May or May Not Be The Winds of Winter [2 more posts]
17:25 SF Site News
[summary] Eisner Awards [3 more posts]
16:12 The Substrate Wars
[summary] Valerian: Fun Trumps Flaws
15:44 SFCrowsNest
[summary] Star Trek Discovery second trailer. [6 more posts]
14:22 The book smugglers
[summary] Smugglers’ Stash & News
14:15 SciFiNow
[summary] The LEGO Ninjago Movie new trailer has complicated family issues and a cat [9 more posts]
14:06 Locus Online Reviews
[summary] Paul Di Filippo reviews William Browning Spencer
13:48 Black Gate
[summary] No Slimy Monsters, No Princesses: The Bantam Spectra Omnibus Robert Silverberg
13:05 File 770
[summary] 2017 Seiun Awards [3 more posts]
12:36 Jim C. Hines
[summary] Trailer Roundup
12:00 Fantasy Literature
[summary] Sunday Status Update: July 23, 2017
11:58 Asking the Wrong Questions
[summary] Recent Movie Roundup 26
11:10 Science Fiction and Other Suspect Ruminations
[summary] Updates: Recent Science Fiction Acquisitions No. CLXXXIV (Kornbluth + Goldin + Charnock + Harrison edited Anthology)
11:02 Amazing Stories
[summary] AMAZING NEWS: 7/23/2017 [3 more posts]
10:43 This Way to Texas
[summary] Stop the presses!
09:34 Europa SF
[summary] Johanna Sinisalo’s “The Core of the Sun” Wins the Prometheus Award
08:44 Europa SF
[summary] “Spaceman of Bohemia” by Jaroslav Kalfar nominated to the 2017 First Novel Prize
08:35 Black Gate
[summary] July 2017 Clarkesworld Now Available
08:06 Sci-Fi Storm
[summary] Thor: Ragnarok trailer and Marvel panel highlights
07:55 Sci-Fi Storm
[summary] Syfy’s The Expanse at Comic Con – announces Elizabeth Mitchell in Season 3
07:30 Mad Genius Club
[summary] A few thoughts about platform
02:00 Book View Cafe
[summary] Invasion!
02:00 Book View Cafe
[summary] The Reluctant Traveler: Dry Falls and Other Natural Catastrophes
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[summary] SDCC 2017: Marvel Studios Reveals ‘Captain Marvel’ Villains, Setting, & More [14 more posts]
[summary] Captain Marvel Will Be Set in the ’90s and Other Details from SDCC [16 more posts]
22:25 File 770
[summary] Pixel Scroll 7/22/17 On The Fifth Day She Scrolled Five Tidbits About Ray Bradbury [3 more posts]
22:20 This Way to Texas
[summary] Taking stock
21:13 David Brin
[summary] Moore's Law's demise and the crisis of expertise
20:26 SciFiNow
[summary] Stranger Things Season 2 Comic-Con trailer resists the evil of the Thriller [3 more posts]
19:56 Sci-Fi Storm
[summary] Stranger Things Season 2 trailer is here! [4 more posts]
18:29 George R.R Martin
[summary] The Swords Are Drawn
18:13 SFCrowsNest
[summary] Justice League movie (new trailer). [6 more posts]
17:43 Matthew Cheney
[summary] Against Academic Conferences
16:26 Black Gate
[summary] Super-Intelligent Cats, Shape-Shifting Aliens, and Mysterious Footprints in the Snow: Rich Horton on 9 Tales of Space and Time, edited by Raymond J. Healy
16:24 Whatever - John Scalzi
[summary] A Very Noisy Cover of Here Comes the Rain Again
15:08 Locus Online Reviews
[summary] “This Is Going to Be a Lot of Fun”: A Review of Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets
14:53 Unusual Things
[summary] The Rolling Sale – Round 2! (And Dragon Award Reminder!)
14:00 scifi 4 me
[summary] Smallville Comicon Panel: Paul T. Taylor [2 more posts]
13:36 Mark Lawrence
[summary] REVIEW: Assassin's Fate by Robin Hobb
11:06 Fantasy Literature
[summary] Echo by Terry Moore
11:00 Black Gate
[summary] Godzilla, So-So Solo-Act: The Return of Godzilla (Godzilla 1985)
11:00 Fantasy Literature
[summary] The Backstagers Act: 1: A fantastical space for the weird kid in all of us
11:00 Amazing Stories
[summary] Guest Editorial: “Bad dog, bad dog!”
10:40 Bastian's Book Reviews
[summary] Review: An Oath Of Dogs
08:52 Europa SF
[summary] Luc Besson’s SF Film “Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets”
08:44 Whatever - John Scalzi
[summary] Blacklight Sunset
06:30 Mad Genius Club
[summary] On Demand
04:00 SFFWorld
[summary] Darien: Empire of Salt by C F Iggulden
02:00 Fantasy-Faction
[summary] Monthly Short Story Winner: 1750
01:03 Book View Cafe
[summary] The Rambling Writer Joins the Pulpwood Queen Book Club
00:01 The book smugglers
[summary] On the Smugglers’ Radar