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[summary] Toy News Tuesday: Deck The Halls [12 more posts]
20:12 File 770
[summary] Pixel Scroll 5/21/19 The Pixelyon Fifth Project Was The Last Best Hope For Scrolls. It Filed [2 more posts]
16:57 Examined Worlds
[summary] Comparative and Continental Philosophy Circle, Leiden, Netherlands (May 23-25, 2019)
16:06 Markos Kloos
[summary] AFTERSHOCKS Paperback Giveaway
15:40 Pat's Fantasy Hotlist
[summary] Tiamat's Wrath
15:07 Black Gate
[summary] The Best of HFQ Volume III Now Funding on Kickstarter
[summary] Catch Tor Books, Tor Teen, and Publishing at BookExpo and BookCon 2019! [12 more posts]
15:00 Mad Genius Club
[summary] Bucking the Trends
13:54 Whatever - John Scalzi
[summary] I Had an Overnight Flight and Then Slept Until 1pm and My Brain is Mush, So Here’s Smudge, Posing Dramatically
12:43 Book View Cafe
[summary] The (Dancing) Monster Queen
11:01 Amazing Stories
[summary] Amazing Histories, May 1928: Inventions and Invertebrates [4 more posts]
10:46 Fantasy-Faction
[summary] Monarchies of Mau – Role-playing Core Rulebook Review
10:40 Pat's Fantasy Hotlist
[summary] US cover art for Joe Abercrombie's A LITTLE HATRED
10:30 Fantasy Literature
[summary] The Mere Wife: Uncomfortable but impressive
10:30 The B&N Sci-Fi and Fantasy
[summary] This Week’s New Sci-Fi & Fantasy Books: The N’awlins Underworld, Forbidden Magic, and Repo Men in Space
10:00 SWFA
[summary] An Appreciation of Eleanor Wood
10:00 One Thousand And One Parsecs
[summary] Thoughts on Minimum Viable Product
09:13 Mad Genius Club
[summary] Do Your Homework
09:06 SciFiNow
[summary] Game Of Thrones Season 8’s Isaac Hempstead Wright: “Bran’s storyline is one of my favourites” [8 more posts]
09:00 Elitist Book Reviews
[summary] The Red-Stained Wings
08:44 Whatever - John Scalzi
[summary] The Big Idea: Maurice Broaddus
08:10 SuperversiveSF
[summary] Unmarried, Childless Individuals
07:53 Quick Sip Reviews
[summary] Quick Sips - Omenana #13
07:15 Black Gate
[summary] Writing Women
01:33 Examined Worlds
[summary] What do Creators and Fans Owe Each Other? - Misery by Stephen King
01:09 Book View Cafe
[summary] Bright, Burning Stars
00:00 Fantasy Book Critic
[summary] An Illusion of Thieves by Cate Glass (reviewed by Lukasz Przywoski)