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21:32 Black Gate
[summary] Uncanny X-Men 1-20: Introducing The Strangest Super-Team of All
21:30 Examined Worlds
[summary] The Last Jedi is the Most Philosophically Interesting Star Wars Film
20:04 Pat's Fantasy Hotlist
[summary] This week's New York Times Bestsellers (December 9th)
[summary] ‘American Gods’: Orlando Jones Was Fired Because Mr. Nancy Sent The “Wrong Message For Black America” [2 more posts]
18:50 Pat's Fantasy Hotlist
[summary] More inexpensive ebook goodies!
17:20 Black Gate
[summary] Vintage Treasures: The Astounding-Analog Reader edited by Harry Harrison and Brian W. Aldiss
16:34 Wis[s]e Words
[summary] Let’s be boring and review the decade #12DaysOfAnime (1)
15:18 Whatever - John Scalzi
[summary] The 10s in Review: A Musical Playlist
15:00 Amazing Stories
[summary] Indie Focus: After We Leave’s Aleem Hossain [3 more posts]
07:01 Mad Genius Club
[summary] Cover Art: Compositing
04:30 File 770
[summary] Rondon DNA Sample Sought
04:00 SFFWorld
[summary] Ten Genre Books That Changed My Life
01:03 Book View Cafe
[summary] The Rambling Writer Returns to Crete, part 9: Ancient Phaistos and Kamares Ware