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22:26 SciFiNow
[summary] Aquaman adds Michael Beach to the cast as original character [5 more posts]
21:03 David Brin
[summary] A Time for Colonels and Captains: Part Three
[summary] Phil Lord And Chris Miller Supposedly Talked To DC About ‘The Flash’ Before Exiting ‘Han Solo’ [12 more posts]
20:27 Strange at Ecbatan
[summary] A Forgotten non-Bestseller: Castle Garac, by Nichoias Monsarrat
19:45 scifi 4 me
[summary] Film Review: THE SONG OF SWAY LAKE is A Disappointment (LAFF 2017)
19:01 Sci-Fi Storm
[summary] Ron Howard taking over as director of Star Wars Han Solo film
18:30 scifi 4 me
[summary] STAR WARS Solo Solo Film: Ron Howard Shoots Second
16:10 Orbit Books
[summary] YOU DIE WHEN YOU DIE is available now!
16:01 Locus Online Reviews
[summary] Gary K. Wolfe reviews Ellen Klages
[summary] The Beauty of Physical Writing [8 more posts]
15:47 Book View Cafe
[summary] BVC member Marie Brennan joins LEGEND OF THE FIVE RINGS! [2 more posts]
15:30 The B&N Sci-Fi and Fantasy
[summary] A Housewife and a Hitman Switch Lives in Gail Simone’s Crosswind [3 more posts]
15:17 SF Site News
[summary] SF Site News Hiatus
15:07 C.E. Murphy
[summary] A Liverpool Lark!
14:48 Science Fiction and Other Suspect Ruminations
[summary] Updates: New Website Look and New Projects (Towards a Favorite SF Novels of the 1970s List, Barry N. Malzberg Resource, Guest Post Series Ideas)
14:13 Whatever - John Scalzi
[summary] On That GOP Health Care Bill, and Tax Breaks [2 more posts]
13:38 Black Gate
[summary] Delivering on the Promise of a True Open World: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
12:00 Fantasy Literature
[summary] Thoughtful Thursday: Still on it’s summer/birthday vacation… be back next week! [2 more posts]
11:19 Pat's Fantasy Hotlist
[summary] New Peter V. Brett Interview
11:00 Orbit Books
[summary] New Acquisition: A BIG SHIP AT THE EDGE OF THE UNIVERSE by Alex White
11:00 Amazing Stories
[summary] Anime roundup 6/22/2017: Time Out of Joint
11:00 One Thousand And One Parsecs
[summary] This guy hits the nail on the head
11:00 Amazing Stories
[summary] Inviting the Next Generation of Readers to Explore Science Fiction
10:36 File 770
[summary] Eurocon 2018 in Amiens [3 more posts]
10:22 Sci Fi Bloggers
[summary] E3 Wrap Up: Biggest Live Streams
10:00 Fantasy-Faction
[summary] SPFBO3: Cover Contest! [2 more posts]
09:45 The book smugglers
[summary] River of Teeth: Sarah Gailey on Inspirations & Influences
08:58 SFFWorld
[summary] A Brief Retrospective of Tad Williams’s MEMORY, SORROW and THORN
08:45 Black Gate
[summary] A Fast-Paced Blend of Space Opera and Military SF: The Outriders Series by Jay Posey
07:00 Mad Genius Club
[summary] But where do you get your ideas?
06:45 Pornokitsch
[summary] "This slum of literature"
02:08 SFCrowsNest
[summary] Game of Thrones season 7 trailer.
00:00 Fantasy Book Critic
[summary] NEWS: The Ties That Bind Trilogy Cover Reveal & A Free Book by Rob J. Hayes (by Mihir Wanchoo)