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22:42 SWFA
[summary] Surviving Times of Stagnation
[summary] Disney’s Acquisition Of Fox May Not Include The ‘Fantastic Four’ Rights [14 more posts]
21:24 Black Gate
[summary] Future Treasures: Elysium Fire by Alastair Reynolds
21:09 File 770
[summary] Pixel Scroll 12/11/17 You Ain’t Pixelin’ Dixie!
16:00 SuperversiveSF
[summary] The Perfect Publisher — thoughts from Kairos
15:16 Jeff VanderMeer
[summary] Kristen Roupenian’s “Cat Person” in the New Yorker
15:05 George R.R Martin
[summary] The Dragon Has Three Heads...
[summary] Rereading the Vorkosigan Saga: Memory, Chapter 26 [8 more posts]
13:56 File 770
[summary] 2018 Golden Globe Nominations
13:17 On This Day In Science Fiction History
[summary] Stardate 12.11.2017.A: Motion Pictures
12:31 Unusual Things
[summary] Slight Delay!
12:15 SciFiNow
[summary] Tomb Raider new poster is all business [6 more posts]
12:00 Fantasy Literature
[summary] SFM: Gregory, Roanhorse, Vernon, Mamatas & Pratt, Clarke, Lowachee [2 more posts]
11:58 Monster Hunter Nation
[summary] Walking on the Sea of Clouds
11:00 Amazing Stories
[summary] Les articles populaires de novembre
10:58 Amazing Stories
[summary] Soft Robots Are Changing Robotics Forever 
10:30 The B&N Sci-Fi and Fantasy
[summary] Star Wars’ Canto Bight is a Delightful Hive of Scum and Villainy
10:24 Pat's Fantasy Hotlist
[summary] This week's New York Times Bestsellers (December 4th)
09:59 Black Gate
[summary] The Public Life of Sherlock Holmes: Cthulhu Casebooks (Vol 2) & The Thinking Engine
08:29 Whatever - John Scalzi
[summary] A Question For You Whilst I Finish My Book
06:00 The Speculative Herald
[summary] Review: The City of Brass by S.A. Chakraborty
05:45 Pornokitsch
[summary] 4 Kids Walk Into a Bank: Childhood is short, brutal and hilarious
05:16 Mad Genius Club
[summary] Juno Genius (if you met them in the street)?
05:08 Speculiction...
[summary] Review of La Belle Sauvage by Philip Pullman
04:00 SFFWorld
[summary] The Will to Battle by Ada Palmer
04:00 Quick Sip Reviews
[summary] Quick Sips - Flash Fiction Online December 2017
03:18 The Digital Antiquarian
[summary] Patreon Update
03:02 The book smugglers
[summary] Five Books I Read in 2017 about Nice People Trying Their Best (and One Where Everyone’s a Monster) – A Smugglivus Post by Reading the End’s Jenny Hamilton
02:00 Fantasy-Faction
[summary] Don’t Show, Don’t Tell – Guest Blog by K. C. Alexander
01:55 Book View Cafe
[summary] Phantastes’ Dreamer
00:00 Fantasy Book Critic
[summary] The Lost Lore Anthology Cover Reveal + Interview with the editors & authors (by Mihir Wanchoo)