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About Madab

Madab ia science-fiction & fantasy aggregator. The name comes from Hebrew, where it means 'Sci-fi' (like, 'Madab' is the abbreviation for 'Science fiction' in Hebrew). Try that on an Hebrew speaker next time that you meet one.

What's an aggregator? An aggregator is a website that regularly collects updates from other websites, and presents them in a unified way. We like to think of it as an automatically generated news portal, or in the case of 'Madab', an automatically generated science-fiction & fantasy news website.

There used to be a time when aggregators ruled the space of the internet. But it ended when social-media and user-personalized content took over. However, there's always a place for hand-curated content presented in a unique way.

The design of Madab was made with one idea in mind: presenting as much information on the main screen as possible. It is a perfect fit for the average information junky.

The list of sources can be found here. Did we miss some great website? Inform us here. Care to praise/yell or just ask us random questions? Do that here. Feel like advertising with us? See the details here.

Credit: The rocket in the website's logo was created by Cristian Bogdan Rosu [iconfinder]. It is free for commercial use.