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17:01 David Brin
[summary] Amazing - and sometimes deadly - animals
[summary] Finally We Learn What ‘The Great Wall’ Is Actually About [4 more posts]
16:44 scifi 4 me
[summary] Theatre Review: SIAMESE SEX SHOW Oddly Charming [2 more posts]
15:53 Black Gate
[summary] The B&N Blog on Nine New Horror Books to Keep You Terrified Until Halloween
15:38 The Substrate Wars
[summary] American Version of “Black Mirror” – “San Junipero”
13:32 Fantasy Literature
[summary] Indispensable Issues: Digital Comics on a Budget
13:25 The book smugglers
[summary] On the Smugglers’ Radar
12:26 The Wertzone
[summary] RIP Steve Dillon
[summary] Doctor Who: The Whoniverse Prize Pack Sweepstakes!
11:31 Black Gate
[summary] Get Cozy with Publishing’s Winter 2017 Titles
11:12 This Way to Texas
[summary] "Texas Leaves"
11:00 Amazing Stories
[summary] Bleh
10:54 io9 - science fiction
[summary] Rocky Horror Reboot Failed Because It Wasn't Live [9 more posts]
09:50 Whatever - John Scalzi
[summary] If You Were Ever Wondering What Krissy’s “I’m Humoring You” Look Is Like
07:22 Mad Genius Club
[summary] The Squishy Sciences
04:00 SFFWorld
[summary] Countdown to Hallowe’en 2016: Victor Frankenstein (2015)
03:05 File 770
[summary] Three Dave Kyle Moments
02:02 Book View Cafe
[summary] Nirvana in Fire
02:00 The Guardian
[summary] A Closed and Common Orbit by Becky Chambers review – an AI on the run
00:10 Dark Faerie Tales
[summary] Giveaway: A Local Habitation by Seanan McGuire
00:08 Dark Faerie Tales
[summary] Review: A Local Habitation by Seanan McGuire
00:00 The Speculative Herald
[summary] Upcoming Releases: October 23 – 29, 2016
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22:00 Galactic Journey
[summary] [Oct. 21, 1961] Cause célèbre (Three years, and the November 1961 Analog)
21:44 Sci-Fi Storm
[summary] Donald Glover to play young Lando in Han Solo Star Wars movie [2 more posts]
[summary] How Close To The Comics Will ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 Be? [12 more posts]
20:00 File 770
[summary] Pixel Scroll 10/21/16 And Did Those Scrolls In Ancient Times Walk Upon England’s Pixels Green
19:32 Jason Sanford
[summary] My World Fantasy Convention schedule and info
19:26 Examined Worlds
[summary] Does Relativism Make Us Dumber and Nastier?
19:07 The Wertzone
[summary] Donald Glover cast as Lando Calrissian in 2018's STAR WARS movie
18:57 io9 - science fiction
[summary] Turning a Garage Into a Monster's Mouth Is a Good Halloween Decoration [24 more posts]
18:30 scifi 4 me
[summary] Fear Her, And Don’t Trust Anyone Else In This Episode of VAN HELSING
18:18 Black Gate
[summary] In 500 Words or Less: Chasing the Dragon by Nicholas Kaufmann [2 more posts]
[summary] Donald Glover will be Lando Calrissian in Upcoming Han Solo Standalone Film [16 more posts]
17:10 Whatever - John Scalzi
[summary] Today’s New Books and ARCs, 10/21/16
15:30 The B&N Sci-Fi and Fantasy
[summary] Happy 75th Birthday, Wonder Woman!
15:27 SFFWorld
[summary] LIVE! with Autumn M Birt [2 more posts]
15:18 SF Site News
[summary] Stephen King Chair
14:59 The book smugglers
[summary] Book Review: The Scourge by Jennifer A. Nielsen
13:58 SFCrowsNest
[summary] The MLJ Companion by Rik Offenberger, Paul Castiglia & Jon B. Cooke (book review). [3 more posts]
13:30 scifi 4 me
[summary] STAN AGAINST EVIL Premiere Sweeps Horror-Com Fans Off Their Feet
13:19 Jim C. Hines
[summary] Cool Stuff Friday
13:00 Book View Cafe
[summary] Happy Birthday to Ursula!
12:30 The B&N Sci-Fi and Fantasy
[summary] 7 Weird Westerns to Read While You Wait for Red Dead Redemption 2
12:30 Fantasy Literature
[summary] Zoe’s Tale: “The Last Colony” from Zoe’s perspective [2 more posts]
11:10 Ann Leckie
[summary] On Pretentious Writing
11:00 Amazing Stories
[summary] Psychopompos is a Beautiful Student Film, Based on a Poem by H.P. Lovecraft, and They Need Your Help! [3 more posts]
10:22 Thinking Too Much
[summary] RATPUNZEL
10:21 Sci Fi Bloggers
[summary] The Shining – In Theaters!
10:00 Elitist Book Reviews
[summary] What Dreams Shadows Cast
09:15 Pornokitsch
[summary] Adam Kranz on "Fantasy needs more parasites"
07:30 SciFiNow
[summary] Class exclusive: Sophie Hopkins on going back to Coal Hill [4 more posts]
06:57 Magical Words
[summary] Party Talk!
04:55 Mad Genius Club
[summary] Gimme Three Steps
03:05 File 770
[summary] Jack Heckel’s Reimagined Fairy Tales
02:03 Book View Cafe
[summary] The News From 2Dits Farm: Hauling Seaweed
00:10 Dark Faerie Tales
[summary] Giveaway: Rosemary and Rue by Seanan McGuire [2 more posts]
00:01 Fantasy Book Critic
[summary] Summoned by Anne M. Pillsworth (Reviewed by C. T. Phipps)