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17:40 Galactic Journey
[summary] [July 15, 1963] Getting to know you!
15:15 Black Gate
[summary] Barry Malzberg on the Pocket Best of…. Volumes
14:00 The B&N Sci-Fi and Fantasy
[summary] The Adventure Zone: Here There Be Gerblins Is the Best Podcast You’ve Ever Read
13:16 Asking the Wrong Questions
[summary] Recent Movie Roundup 30
[summary] ‘Doctor Who’: The Doctor Comes Calling In New ‘The Doctor And Friends’ Teaser
12:00 Fantasy Literature
[summary] Sunday Status Update: July 15, 2018
11:00 Amazing Stories
[summary] Due to (Biological) Technical Difficulties, No Features Today
10:00 Pat's Fantasy Hotlist
[summary] More inexpensive ebook goodies!
09:54 SciFiNow
[summary] The Secret Of Marrowbone film review: a family chiller from the writer of The Orphanage
09:47 SciFiNow
[summary] Incredibles 2 film review: was the Parrs’ return worth the wait?
04:15 SFFWorld
[summary] News: The David Gemmell Awards 2018
02:05 Black Gate
[summary] Birthday Reviews: T.E.D. Klein’s “The Events at Poroth Farm”
02:00 Book View Cafe
[summary] Where is the Reset Button??!!
02:00 Mad Genius Club
[summary] How Not To Market, by Alma Boykin (reprise)
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23:00 Lela E. Buis
[summary] Putting the Ideation Scale to Work – Rating the 2018 Hugo finalists
21:48 Featured Futures
[summary] Weekly Webzine Wrap-Up (2018-07-14)
21:31 File 770
[summary] Pixel Scroll 7/14/18 Did You Feed Them After Midnight? Well, I Gave Them Some Pixels [6 more posts]
20:26 Wis[s]e Words
[summary] Revue Starlight — First Impressions
19:14 Galactic Journey
[summary] [July 14, 1963] JFK gets a Ph.D.
18:47 Wis[s]e Words
[summary] Grand Blue — First Impressions
17:13 David Brin
[summary] End the cheating...
16:53 Unusual Things
[summary] Shadow of an Empire Brings the Praise
16:10 Black Gate
[summary] Future Treasures: Annex by Rich Larson [2 more posts]
15:25 Whatever - John Scalzi
[summary] Smupdate
11:09 Fantasy Literature
[summary] Fatale (Vol. 4): Pray for Rain: You will want to pick up Book Five
11:00 Amazing Stories
[summary] In space, there really might be no place like home | Big Think
11:00 Amazing Stories
[summary] Uranus Struck By Massive Object That Changed it Forever
08:41 Pat's Fantasy Hotlist
[summary] Ravencry (600th review)
08:19 Pat's Fantasy Hotlist
[summary] This week's New York Times Bestsellers (July 9th)
08:16 Mad Genius Club
[summary] The Ravel’d Sleave of Care
06:59 SciFiNow
[summary] The Night Eats The World Fantasia 2018 first look
01:03 Book View Cafe
[summary] The Rambling Writer Visits Kauai: Hiking Waimea Canyon